Barista Hustle - Space Black Pitcher 400ml 

Barista Hustle - Space Black Pitcher 400ml

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  • Inspected to be perfectly aligned, down to one millimeter

  • Made of thick 0.9mm stainless steel

  • Perfectly aligned handle and spout for consistent and symmetrical pours

  • Laser welded, fully flush handle, guaranteed to last 10 years

  • 400ml capacity

  • Choose between a stainless steel exterior or a space black environmentally friendly electrocoat, dissolved into the metal, and thus no peeling or chipping

  • Versatile spout created for high accuracy and no dribbling



Precise Alignment
The handle and spout is perfectly aligned in all directions to +/- 2 millimeters. Perfect alignment means this pitcher pours consistent and symmetrical latte art every time.

Versatile Spout

Designed for high accuracy latte art and zero dribbles, our spout is wide enough for slow-settas and narrow enough for detailed pouring.

Durable Build

This is a professional grade tool that’s built tough for use after use behind bar. Thick 0.9mm stainless bends less and holds shape longer, while the fully flush laser welded handle has no un-washable crevices around the join and is guaranteed to stay on for at least 10 years.

Fill Markers

Markers on the inside of the pitcher allow baristas to quickly fill the pitcher with an accurate amount of milk. Placed on either side of the spout, they provide an ambidextrous indication that helps to reduce waste.