MarKibar ORHI
MarKibar ORHI 
MarKibar ORHI 
MarKibar ORHI 
MarKibar ORHI 
MarKibar ORHI 

MarKibar ORHI

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Design and effectiveness at the service of coffee professionals

The ORHI professional grinder guarantees precise grinding, high performance at peak times and no coffee going to waste, all with a modern, up-to-date design.

Isolated grinding chamber

The ORHI automatic coffee grinder has the most advanced technology to guarantee its high performance.

The design of the independent grinding chamber, thermally isolated from drive motor allows cold grinding, even for large coffee consumption.

Optimized microfines

The balanced distribution of microfines on portafiltre allows a homogeneous extraction of coffee to get the maximum performance.

Quick change between PRE-GROUND and ON DEMAND

The ORHI grinders allow the user to switch quickly between the PRE-GROUND / INSTANT DOSE and ON DEMAND systems.

The work mode and status of the dosing chambers are shown in real time on the graphic display or alphanumeric display.

Working modes


Maximum freshness of freshly ground coffee.
On mode On Demand ORHI coffee is ground when the 1 or 2 coffee porta-filter requests it.



Maximum performance for rush hours.
On mode Pre-Ground ORHI, 1 or 2 coffee doses are available in the grinder doser. When the porta filter requests it, the dose is delivered instantly.

Quicker. More compact. Less waste.

Thanks to the built-in dispenser on the ORHI automatic grinder, the filter receives the ground coffee in a compact dose which optimizes preparation time and avoids waste.

Height (H) 640 mm - 25,19 inches
Width (A) 180 mm - 7,08 inches
Depth (B) 352 mm - 13,85 inches
Connected load 230 V - 50 Hz
Power 525 W
Grinding burrs speed 1350 rpm
Net weight 16 kg
Burrs Ø 64 mm. Plain
Hopper capacity 1,5 kg / 3,3 lb
Production per hour 8 kg/h
Grinder capacity 4 g/s
Single dose 5 - 18 g
Double dose 5 - 28 g