Ecosoft RObust 1500 EC 
Ecosoft RObust 1500 EC 

Ecosoft RObust 1500 EC

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RObust PRO is a unique offer for real coffee professionals and connoisseurs. The filter is designed taking into account the world's "coffee" standards and allows to get water that perfectly reveals the inimitable coffee taste.

Water purification consists of the following stages:

  • pre-filtration removes sediment impurities, chlorine, chlorination by-products and natural organic compounds

  • reverse osmosis membrane (Dow Filmtec™ RO membrane) eliminates 99.8% of dissolved impurities, viruses and bacteria

  • special RObust PRO replacement filter allows to get water with a small content of magnesium and calcium, which enhance the extraction of coffee flavor and aroma components

  • post-filtration by Chemviron Carbon activated carbon  improves the taste and odor of water

Using a multi-stage water purification technology ensures the availability of tasty water for drinking and making coffee, also guarantees the protection of the coffee machine from scale and other contaminants.

Key advantages

  • RObust PRO is preparation of water, which most fully reveals the coffee beans taste and aroma (in accordance with the SCAA standards)

  • Balanced mineral composition of water

  • No  scale on heating elements and deposit-free the elements of coffee machines

  • Dow Filmtec™ membranes  (USA) removes 99.8% of all water impurities, including bacteria and viruses

  • Built-in indicators of control of pre-filters replacement and system operation




Technical data

Inlet pressure, atm


Flow capacity, L/hour


Discharge into the sewage system, L/hour


Feed water temperature, °С


Permissible room temperature, °С




System dimensions (H x W x D), mm

420 х 410 х 305

Filter weight (base model), kg


Power supply

230 V, 50 Hz

Requirements for the feed water



TDS, mg/L


Hardness, meq/L


Active chlorine, mg/L

< 0.5

Total iron, mg/L

< 0.3

Total manganese, mg/L

< 0.1

COD, mg O2/L

< 5

Total microbial count (TMC), CFU/ mL

< 100

E. coli, CFU/100 mL


Components of the filter

  • RObust PRO reverse osmosis filter

  • Drinking water faucet

  • Connection fitting pack

  • Service wrench

  • User manual

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