Synesso S-Series Commercial Espresso Machine 
Synesso S-Series Commercial Espresso Machine 
Synesso S-Series Commercial Espresso Machine 
Synesso S-Series Commercial Espresso Machine 

Synesso S-Series Commercial Espresso Machine

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Model: S200 - 2 Group S300 - 3 Group
Dimensions (WxDxH): 27.5" x 24" x 17" 37" x 24" x 17"
Boilers (brew/steam): 1.9L / 7.7L 1.9L / 12.3L
Programmable Volumetric Doses: 2 Settings per Group 2 Settings per Group
Electical Rating: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 28A 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 36A
Weight: 150 lbs. 225 lbs.
Certifications: nsf certification logo ul certification logo nsf certification logo ul certification logo

A More Affordable Option

The S-Series is a more affordable answer to commercial espresso by Synesso. Perfect for low to medium volume-applications, you'll find the same quality components inside the S200 and the S300 that you would find in Synesso's more expensive machines, such as the MVP Hydra. However, with incredibly reliable temperature stability and automatic volumetric settings, the S-Series doesn't withhold where performance and dependability are concerned. The S-Series also offers a low-profile form, making it great for engaging with customers while preparing drinks and adding to its already sleek exterior.

Precision Programming

Espresso extraction with the S-Series machines takes place by way of one tap, volumetric programming. Each group can be programmed and saved individually for when you are brewing both a blend and a single-origin espresso roast. Beyond this, the Synesso S-Series groups are capable of individual temperature and pre-infusion programming by using the included outboard controller. An automatic back flush can also be programmed to take place after removing your portafilter from the group head after each shot to ensure cleanliness and minimal water waste. All of these features allow for a simple, more precise workflow throughout the course of your day.

Steam & Hot Water Control

With the S-Series, Synesso also took barista safety into account by installing cool-touch steam wands on both sides of the machine. These ambidextrous steam wands can be used with either four or six-hole steam tips for greater control over your steaming power. Also unique to Synesso's S-Series are the steam actuators, which can be set to either the inside or outside position depending on your preference. Prominent shot timers and brew pressure gauges makes tracking your shot easier than ever, and a hot water tap with a mix valve is found right between the group heads for quick accessibility. The S-Series espresso machines from Synesso are a precise, economically-friendly option with simple, precise options.


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