Profitec E61 Flow Profile Valve P1065 

Profitec E61 Flow Profile Valve P1065

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Unplug your machine from the power supply and let it cool down before assembling the Profitec E61 Flow Profile Valve

Designed in collaboration between Whole Latte Love in the USA and Profitec, the E61 Flow Control Device allows you to adjust the flow of water in your brew group to manually profile your extractions. This custom component is a stainless steel needle valve, which allows the user to vary the amount of water flowing through the group. Variable flow control allows for lengthy pre-infusion for more even saturation and extraction of your espresso.

1. Unscrew the mushroom with an open-end wrench sized 36mm across flats.
Caution: Be careful to avoid scratches!

2. Screw the new profiling valve P1025 in, at the position of the Mushroom.

3. Unscrew the screw with a 5mm hex key.

4. Mount the pressure gauge P1026 where the hex key screw was inserted. the Teflon seal of the screw has to be reused. It is recommended to use FDA-approved thread sealing too.
Caution: Do not fasten the gauge to right, to avoid damaging to the thread.

5. Close the valve by rotating the bolt clockwise completely.

6. Place the bushing to point in the desired direction for the closed position onto the spindle.

7. Screw the ball grip in and tighten it.

8. Unscrew the purebred-cylinder at the lower brew group with an open-end wrench sized 36mm

9. Exchange the spring to the supplied P1029-spring

10. Insert the valve spindle in the purebred-cylinder and reassemble it to the lower brew group.

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