MarKibar IZAGA W
MarKibar IZAGA W
MarKibar IZAGA W
MarKibar IZAGA W
MarKibar IZAGA W
MarKibar IZAGA W
MarKibar IZAGA W
MarKibar IZAGA W
MarKibar IZAGA W

MarKibar IZAGA W

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MarKibar IZAGA By Weight


Introducing the Markibar IZAGA W Grind-by-Weight Grinder, for the precise dose of coffee in every cup. It’s the first coffee grinder with internally scale controlled doses, designed for workflow, speed and consistency.

Its innovative Grind-by-Weight technology with instant scale controlled dosing guarantees the maximum consistency and a constant quality in all your coffees.

  • Patented scale controlled coffee doser
  • Consistent and very accurate coffee dosing
  • Minimal adjustment (auto-adjust dosing)
  • Isolated and ventilated grinding chamber
  • Designed for workflow and speed
  • Instant dose and on-demand working modes
Two Working Modes. On Demand & Pre-Ground.
On Demand – Maximum freshness of freshly ground coffee. Coffee is ground when the 1 or 2 coffee portafilter requests it.

Pre Ground

Pre-Ground –  Maximum performance for rush hours. 1 or 2 coffee doses are available in the grinder doser. When the portafilter requests it, the dose is delivered instantly.

On demand

Quicker. More compact. Less waste.
Thanks to the built-in dispenser on the IZAGA automatic grinder, the filter receives the ground coffee in a compact dose which optimises preparation time and avoids waste.
On Demand
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 640 x 180 x 352mm
  • Net Weight: 16kg
  • Connected Load: 230 V – 50 Hz
  • Power: 525 W
  • Grinding Burrs Speed: 1350rpm
  • Burrs: 64mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.5kg
  • Production Per Hour: 8kg/h
  • Grinder Capacity: 4g/s
  • Single Dose: 5-18g
  • Double Dose: 5-28g

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Isolated grinding chamber and smart ventilation

Isolated grinding chamber and smart ventilation

The IZAGA W automatic coffee grinder incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure exceptional performance.

The independent grinding chamber is designed to be thermally isolated from the drive motor, enabling cold grinding, even when consuming large amounts of coffee.





High precision grinding point control

High precision grinding point control

IZAGA W offers precise regulation of the desired coffee grinding level with micrometric accuracy.

Every adjustment click modifies the particle size by 0.0083 mm/click, allowing for fine-tuned customization.

Moreover, the bidirectional handle locking system ensures error-free adjustments by requiring the Coarse or Fine key to be pressed before starting, ensuring the grinding point is set in the correct direction.


Quick work mode change systemQuick work mode change system

IZAGA W grinders provide users with the convenience of easily switching between two grinding modes: PRE-GROUND and ON DEMAND, simply by pressing a button.

The alphanumeric display of the grinder shows the current work mode and dosing chamber status in real time.

In the PRE-GROUND mode, precise measurements of one or two coffee doses are instantly delivered to the portafilter, eliminating any time loss that could hinder the efficiency required in a hospitality establishment.

On the other hand, the ON DEMAND mode grinds and weighs the dose when one or two coffees are requested. This mode ensures maximum dosing precision (+/- 0.2 grams) during the grinding process.


Cloud ManagementOnline management (optional)

Easily access the performance data of your IZAGA W from a remote location.

To enhance its capabilities, the IZAGA W offers an online management system that allows you to retrieve coffee grinder information anytime, anywhere. This feature enables you to conveniently access the data using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Simply download the app and follow the instructions on screen.

Height (H) 640 mm - 25,19 inches
Width (A) 180 mm - 7,08 inches
Depth (B) 352 mm - 13,85 inches
Connected load 230 V - 50 Hz
Power 525 W
Grinding burrs speed 1350 rpm
Net weight 16 kg
Burrs Ø 64 mm. Planas
Hopper capacity 1,5 kg / 3,3 lb
Production per hour 8 kg/h
Grinder capacity 4 g/s
Single dose 5 - 18 g
Double dose

5 - 28 g


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