Hario - Tea Dripper 800ml Large Stand Set

Hario - Tea Dripper 800ml Large Stand Set

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Look no further than the amazing tea brewer from HARIO. The ”Largo” tea maker set is like V60 kit but for the tea. It uses the same principle except that it is slightly easier to brew tea because it requires less action from the brewer’s side.

All you have to do to brew delicious tea with Largo Tea Dripper is add your preferred leaves into the top bowl, pour some hot water on them and let it steep until it is ready. Once brewed press the “largo button” for your tea to run down into the tea server at the bottom and voila! Your are now ready to serve fresh tea to your family and friends.

Hario Tea Dripper Largo Design

The Largo intelligent design allows the user to operate it with a single button making the process extremely simple and straightforward. When you purchase the Largo dripper you will never again look back because the tea that is steeped from your favourite tea leaves is incomparable and irreplaceable.