Espresso Competition
Espresso Competition

Espresso Competition

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We have chosen high-end coffees from exceptional farms around the world. We collect a small amount of coffee from special microlots to create unique blends with intense aromas and taste supremacy. Great barista professionals choose to use these blends not only for their daily routine in the coffee shops, but also in barista championships. Taf Competition and Taf Rosebud Blend are coffees with a unique, strong character, which will give a splendid cup full of taste and aromas, probably the best that you will have today.

origin Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica
cup profile Good body, aroma with notes of pine, bakers chocolate and cinnamon, taste of black chocolate and berries.ย 
suggested for Espresso
Espresso recipe
In: 19gr
Out: 36-37gr
Time: 26sec