BWT Bestprotect XL Cartridge Filter 

BWT Bestprotect XL Cartridge Filter

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Bestprotect XL Cartridge Filter:

Connection thread (in/out)


Intake pressure min –max in bar

2 – 8

Water temperature min – max in °C

4 – 30

Ambient temperature min – max in °C

4 – 40

Total height without bracket (A) in mm


Total height with bracket (B) in mm


Connection height (C) in mm


Distance from floor (D) in mm


Installed length (E) in mm


Filter cartridges Ø (F) in mm


Weight in kg, approx.


Order no. Installation set


Order no. Filter cartridge


The BWT bestprotect filtration solution, using BWT’s advanced technology, provides excellent protection for the equipment used to produce hot drinks in the food service sector. It is specially designed to achieve an optimum pH value and an excellent water mineral balance – both crucial factors in great-tasting coffee and espresso. BWT bestprotect is extremely effective against limescale and gypsum residues. It also ensures a consistently high pH value, which helps to avoid any corrosion that might result in pitted stainless steel components due to high levels of salt in the water.

Benefits of BWT bestprotect at a glance:

  • Water optimisation for all hot and cold drinks
  • Excellent protection against equipment corrosion
  • Reliable prevention of stainless steel corrosion
  • Protection against the most stubborn residues, e.g. gypsum
  • Reduces maintenance costs to minimum levels
  • Extends the life of the equipment