Cascara Coffee trading is an exclusive distributor of Taf™ coffee beans  providing the highest quality coffee beans available in the UAE. We are proud to be able To offer 100% pure, single-Estate, Arabica coffee beans sourced via Taf™.

Our vision is to be consistent providor of exceptional products and to  work with customers who share our values of excellence, quality and consistency. They range from contemporary cafes through to high-end restaurants and five-star resorts. 

Our mission is to provide a consistent creation of exceptional prioducts to our customers. We work closely with our customers, delivering tailored barista training, high performance machinery and ongoing service and support as well as consultancy were applicable .
. we are a second generation subsidy of a food importing family company established in 1977 in Dubai and our aim is to keep up the family heritage and to exceed customers' expectations


Cascara, means “peel” or “skin” in Spanish, is the dried skins of coffee cherries. These pulped skins are collected after the seeds (aka coffee beans) have been removed from the cherries. They are then dried in the sun before they are packaged and shipped off. The neat part about this whole process is that not only does it allow for the coffee plant to be used in a creative way, but it’s also eco-friendly. Normally coffee cherries are considered a by-product of the coffee-making process and are either discarded as waste or used as compost. Now these cherries are being reused to produce a unique drink of their own. Coffee, tea or both