wally milkĀ 
wally milkĀ 
wally milkĀ 
wally milkĀ 
wally milkĀ 
wally milkĀ 

wally milk

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the pour is yours

automatic milk steamer creating the perfect milk every time

streamline your workflow

Gain efficiency without compromising quality with Wally Milk.

Automatic volume recognition, vortex steam tip, and tiltable pitcher tray provide barista-quality milk foam with the simple push of a button.

focus on what matters most

Unmatched consistency and control, no training required.

Wally Milk frees busy baristas to focus on what matters most, the customer

any milk, any time

Any Milk, Any Time Wally Milk works with non-dairy milks and milk combinations. Save over 20 recipes for flawless delivery of your unique beverage options.


crush the rush with wally milk

Wally Milk is the easy way to steam milk. Heā€™s an extra set of hands during busy cafĆ© times. Simply place a filled pitcher of milk on Wally Milkā€™s tilt tray and heā€™ll get to work.

No measuring or special equipment required. Wally Milk automatically scans any matte finish jug adjusting steam quantity to milk volume.

Steamed to the finest consistency every time, baristas can pour elaborate latte art with ease. With Wally Milk, every pour is picture perfect. Whether you are serving one customer or one hundred, Wally Milk keeps up with your cafĆ©ā€™s demands.



Height (cm/in) 49 / 19
Width (cm/in) 22,5 / 9
Depth (cm/in) 32,5 / 13
Weight (kg/lbs) 10 / 22
Voltage 110V ā€“ 220V
Wattage 45 W



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