Sanremo YOU 
Sanremo YOU 
Sanremo YOU 


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Sanremo YOU Espresso Machine

Own your coffee experience with the Sanremo YOU Espresso Machine, proudly offered by Cascara Coffee Trading L.L.C. This innovative coffee machine puts you in complete control of your espresso, featuring a multi-boiler setup, customizable extraction profiles, and intuitive touch screen navigation.

Customizable Extraction Profiles

  • 6 standard preset profiles for optimal brewing.
  • 12 profiles customizable for precise pre/post-infusion.
  • Create manual profiles directly via the Pad for a tailored espresso experience.

Premium Build Quality

Made with AISI 316 stainless steel, both the coffee and service boilers ensure consistent stability and performance. Electronic controls allow precise pressure and temperature settings, delivering the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Efficiency and Ergonomics

  • One-click start/stop levers for water and steam activation.
  • Cold Touch wands for steam and water, improving safety and comfort.
  • Dual eco modes for energy savings: automatic and manual.

More Features:

The Sanremo YOU boasts an easy-to-use touch screen, freshly heated water on demand, a compact water tank for freshness, and three configurations to suit any need. With a USB entrance for updates and a convenient flap for maintenance, this espresso machine is as user-friendly as it is advanced.

Product Specifications:

Coffee Boiler Capacity:
0.5 L
Steam Boiler Power:
1.5 kW
W: 328 mm | D: 500 mm | H: 394 mm
Net Weight:
32 kg

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