Sanremo OPERA 2.0
Sanremo OPERA 2.0
Sanremo OPERA 2.0
Sanremo OPERA 2.0
Sanremo OPERA 2.0
Sanremo OPERA 2.0

Sanremo OPERA 2.0

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  • reated by the best in the coffee world, champions and experts together: the Opera Team;
  • Exclusive CDS system (Control Delivery System) that allows a full control on the three extraction phases;
  • Great ergonomics, amazing details and innovative materials;
  • Independent temperature regulation for groups and boilers;
  • Specific Pressure Drive mechanic pump for every group;
  • Equipped with an ASUS tablet for bluetooth configuration;
  • Fitted with Competition Filters.

Be in control express yourself

With the¬†interface¬†‚ÄúBe in control express¬†yourself‚ÄĚ, the Barista has total control of¬†the extraction phase of his coffee and can¬†manage each dispensing parameter according¬†to his experience and professionalism.¬†Temperature Regulation: in a few seconds it¬†is possible to manage precisely the groups¬†and water temperature, as well as the steam¬†temperature. Through the parameter¬†Dose Regulation¬†it is possible to manage¬†each coffee extraction phase adjusting the¬†weight of the ground coffee, the water dose¬†in ml., and the pump pressure for each infusion;¬†in the scales version it is even possible¬†to control the espresso‚Äôs weight in cup.¬†Infusion Regulation: with these parameters¬†it is possible to adjust the pump pressure,¬†the timing and the required amount of water¬†to better manage the pre-infusion, infusion¬†and post-infusion phases.¬†Clicking in ‚Äúsaving your recipe‚ÄĚ you can¬†save your perfect espresso dispensing menu¬†and transfer it through the¬†Bluetooth¬†connection¬†into another machine.

The Opera Project

Opera was created from an idea that has become global. Over three years ago, thanks to a revolutionary concept, a group of people got together, breaking down geographical barriers and focusing on the diversity of individual backgrounds in order to design a unique coffee machine that would make a major, long-lasting impact in the entire sector. For the first time ever, experts and professionals in the world of coffee, the real and most recent users of our coffee machines, have been involved in the entire process that led to the creation of Opera, from the initial brainstorming stage through to its implementation and final touches. Opera is about us, our experience, determination and passion in every detail. Opera was born from a dream with no boundaries. Especially for you.



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