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  • Thanks to the Multiboiler Realtime Stability
    system it is possible to set – for each single
    distribution group – the temperature of
    the coffee boilers, in accordance with the
    blend and/or the single-origin coffee used.
    The system can guarantee a complete
    independence between the distribution
    of coffee and steam, ensuring that the
    two actions do not affect each other, thus
    compromising a good outcome.
  • Each group has a dedicated
    boiler powered by
    preheated water thanks to
    the mixing of cold and hot
    water coming from the heat
    exchangers; the group is
    kept at the ideal temperature
    by a specific resistor, which
    ensure a perfect thermal
_Soft pre-infusion
  • Pre-infusion is the first phase
    in the extraction of coffee: the
    powder is wet and prepared
    for the following optimal
    extraction. Furthermore,
    pre-infusion allows to make
    the powder uniform in order
    to avoid the formation of
    preferential routes.



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Above pricing includes installation, calibration, programming, and coffee machine training in the UAE

Service Package can be purchased in the UAE together with the coffee machine for the additional amounts listed below:-

AED 2,000 per annum for all coffee machines excluding Opera and Café Racer;- AED 2,500 per annum for the Opera and Café Racer.

- Service Package includes

-Installation, calibration, programming, and coffee machine training;

- 12 visits for the first year for cleaning, servicing, re-calibration, and descaling;

- In the event of a machine breakdown a temporary replacement coffee machine will be provided if theclient’s coffee machine cannot be repaired onsite;

- Spare parts costs are charged separately unless covered under warranty.