Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool 
Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool 

Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool

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  • Quickly loosens and removes coffee gunk from your group heads
  • Soft on machine parts, tough on coffee residue
  • Locks in just like a portafilter, no detergent required
  • Gets rid of debris and buildup and rinses clean - no unsightly blackened shop towels!
  • Can be used with detergent pellets to loosen stubborn buildup
  • Top rack dishwasher safe, or soak in coffee detergent to clean
  • Fits most 58-60 mm groups
  • Made of BPA-free plastic and silicone


     When it comes to espresso, clean equipment matters, but there's surprisingly little innovation where cleaning tools are concerned. That's why something like the Espazzola - simple as it may be - is actually a rather groundbreaking tool for the barista or home espresso enthusiast. Designed to lock in just like your normal portafilter, Espazzola's plastic handle and silicone brush head make it extremely easy to get a thorough but gentle clean all around the crevices of your group heads. Just lock in the handle, run some water through the group, and give the handle 5-10 wiggles back and forth. The silicone brush is pliable but firm enough to sweep up accumulated gunk with or without the aid of coffee detergent, without damaging your delicate screens or gaskets. And unlike a shop towel, Espazzola can be rinsed or soaked to quickly clean up residue and keep the unsightly mess off your groups and out of sight of customers. Thanks to the portafilter-like design, it's easy to give a quick scrub to your groups as you purge water after a shot, or just a few times throughout the day or after a rush. With clean groups and screens, your shots will taste their best, and you'll have this ingenious little tool to thank for it.

    Designed to fit 58-60 mm commercial sized group heads. Includes Espazzola group handle and silicone brush insert, plus instructions. Espazzola is top rack dishwasher safe, and can even be soaked in coffee detergent for cleaning. Optionally, you can use detergent pellets during your cleaning routine to remove more stubborn gunk - just be sure to backflush as well later on. Silicone brush inserts are pretty tough and shouldn't need frequent replacement, but parts are available if needed.