Cascara - Costa Rica
Cascara - Costa Rica
Cascara - Costa Rica

Cascara - Costa Rica

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origin Liano Bonito, Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica
Micromill Helsar
altitude 1800 m
Processsing Washed, Pasteurized, Dehydrated

Cascara is the dried coffee cherry skin processed specifically to be steeped as an herbal tea. While most coffee cherry skin is removed during processing and turned into fertilizer, the Helsar mill in Costa Rica specifically separates specific coffee lots into their cascara mill line in order to cleanly process cascara. 

Helsar removes the coffee cherry skins, washes them, pasteurizes them, and dehydrates them in a sterile environment, making this some of the cleanest cascara available.

Brewing Instruction:

Steep 5 grams of cascara for 200 ml of 93-degree water for 5 minutes.

If you'd like to try it cold, we recommend brewing a double strength dose and pouring over ice.