Maguta CM Natural Kenya
Maguta CM Natural Kenya
Maguta CM Natural Kenya
Maguta CM Natural Kenya

Maguta CM Natural Kenya

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Our choice of Maguta CM Natural Kenya coffee is based on the collaboration of taf with Project Origin. Project Origin CM coffees are a selection of the most sophisticated carbonic maceration experimental lots.  The CM process was first developed by the initiator of project origin, Sasa Sectic and presented for the first time during the world barista championship in 2015 in Seattle. Until now project origin has developed a range of CM techniques in many countries.

In the carbonic maceration (CM) process, coffee cherries are picked perfectly ripe, hand sorted and floated to remove unripe and overripe cherries. Natural CM Selection coffees still in the cherry are placed in temperature and humidity controlled tanks flushed with carbon dioxide (CO2) to remove oxygen from the tank (fermentation has already started). 

After being removed from the tank, fermentation continues during the drying process on the African beds for 30 or more days before being stored and milled.


What exactly does CM selection mean?


‘CM’ stands for Carbonic Maceration. It is a process that is generally used in winemaking, in which whole grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide-rich environment before being crushed for their juice. We have adopted a method that also utilizes carbon dioxide to push boundaries of fermentation and development in coffee.


How does this process differ from other coffee processes?


The CM process doesn’t replace any other methods (washed, natural, honey, semi-washed, etc.) but it adds another step in these processes. So, if coffee is washed and it has passed through CM process, we need to include that information too.


The two parts, Project origin and Maguta Farm, cooperate in order to improve the local community lives through farming practices improvement and the implementation of CM method for higher producer income.

Nyeri County, Central Region, Kenya
altitude 1650-1800m
SL28 & SL34
processing Natural – Carbonic Maceration
cup profile
tropical fruits, raspberry, nectarine, plum, complex acidity, juicy body
suggested for Filter & Espresso