H1 Allround grinder

H1 Allround grinder

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  • Hardened steel burrs for a better taste experience 

  • Cast aluminum grinding chamber with cooling ribs for an effective heat transfer 

  • Extra-wide range of grind size adjustment (100 - 900 μm) to match your variety 

  • Re-designed stepless grind size adjustment for convenient use and precise results 

  • Steady ground coffee flow with minimal retention for less waste and consistent taste over time 

  • LC display with visualized grind size for convenient grind size adjustment and repeat accuracy 

  • Start-/stop automation for hands-free operation with portafilters 

  • The pre-installed tray suits any collecting bin and can also be replaced by the adjustable portafilter support that comes along with the grinder 

  • Removable residual grinds tray for easy and thorough cleaning 

  • Very small footprint (130 mm) saves space and perfectly integrates into your store layout 

  • New design with an electroplated top and spout for a high-quality look 

  • Solid aluminum body for a high quality finish and easy to clean 

  • Low noise level for a quiet working environment 


Technical Details

Voltage: 220-240 V DC motor; 110 V motor

Burr diameter: 64 mm

Burr type: Flat 

Burr material: Hardened steel 

Grind speed*: 2.5 - 3.0 g/s

Bean hopper capacity: 0.38 kg

Power: 200 W DC Motor

Dimensions (l x w x h): 230 x 138 x 470 mm

Net weight: 7.0 kg

Gross weight: 9.0 kg

Color option: Black, white, silver, red (more colors on request)



HeyCafe H1 Allround grinder - Product sheet


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