Deborah Geisha Opal Enigma Panama
Deborah Geisha Opal Enigma Panama
Deborah Geisha Opal Enigma Panama
Deborah Geisha Opal Enigma Panama

Deborah Geisha Opal Enigma Panama

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Finca Deborah combines the mountain landscape, sustains the natural environment, and maintains a heaven for the local bird and wildlife populations.

At an altitude of more than 1900 meters and nestled in the lofty mountains of Volcan, Chiriqui, Finca Deborah is a shade grown Geisha coffee cultivated in a pristine environment. It is one of the highest, most remote coffee farms in all of Panama and, at these altitudes, temperatures can drop to as low as 10 degrees C during the night.

The highlands are blessed with volcanic enriched soil, abundant moisture, regular rainfall, dense vegetation, and cloud cover to nourish the coffee trees, which in turn produce high grade beans with rich flavor. The many different microclimates also assist in producing coffee beans with a great variety of taste characteristics.

The extreme elevation and reduced temperature slows the metabolism of the trees. These cold temperatures, reaching 10 C, permit the trees to push more sugars into the cherries during production. Additionally, Deborah has ideal rainfall averaging 2200 mm per year. Combined, these two important variables contribute greatly to Deborah’s intensely sweet and complex cup profile. It is an extraordinary environment for growing any variety of coffee, but here one of the world’s most complicated varieties of coffee, Geisha, not only grows successfully but also thrives.


Origin: Chiriqui, Panama

Altitude: 1900-2000m

Variety: Geisha

Processing: CM Natural

Cup profile: blackberry, lemongrass, ibiscus, pineapple, tangerine, very complex

Suggested for: espresso & filter


Filter Recipe

15gr/250ml degrees

90-93° degrees

Pouring Time: 1'- 1' & 30"

Extraction time: 2' - 2' & 15"