Creativa Static Catuai Panama
Creativa Static Catuai Panama
Creativa Static Catuai Panama
Creativa Static Catuai Panama

Creativa Static Catuai Panama

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Creativa is a group of "revolutionaries" who want to change the rules of the game in the coffee industry combined with the profound cultural impact that art has on the world. 

 Art is a process that embodies the concept of change. Fermentation is their art and the mill is their canvas. They innovate with techniques that change the way they think about coffee and the ways it is processed. At Creativa they choose controlled fermentation, slow-drying coffees and other experimental methods that allow these excellent coffee profiles to stand out. Our partner producers bring the beautiful coffee cherries to their mill and then their own mission begins. First they ensure the quality they want to have. After that, they assign the various coffee batches to one of the 4 fermentation methods, one of which is the static cherry. 

 For this method of processing, the environment plays a critical role. They seal the cherries in plastic tanks without the presence of oxygen. By creating an anaerobic environment, they allow certain bacteria and yeasts to grow at a slower rate. This means that they can experiment with different durations and in this case, an average of 24 to 72 hours. These relatively short fermentations give a discreet liveliness to the profile, due to the frequency of lactic acids in coffee cherries. 

 The program Creativa in cooperation with the farm La Palma y El Tucan in Colombia, to which the taf has long-term cooperation. The philosophy is similar to that of the Neighbors & Crops program developed by La Palma y El Tucan , which builds a "partnership of know-how" to achieve the best possible results, often experimenting with new processing methods. 

origin Boquete, Panama
altitude 1600-1800m
variety Catuai 
processing Anaerobic, Static Cherry
cup profile wild cherry, herbal, velvet body, strong & complex 
suggested for Filter 
Filter coffee recipe
90-93° degrees 
Pouring time: 1'-1' & 30''
Extraction time: 2'-2'& 15''